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A hurricane disrupts a young conservative Christian mom’s picture-perfect life. Feeling betrayed by God, she spirals into deep despair. In a moment of crisis, a phone call from an unlikely spiritual advisor leads her back to God, enabling her to learn His true purpose for her life. Her calling sets her and her family on an unexpected and exciting new path. May be viewed in two 15-minute sessions. 

More Than a Film

Ready to Continue Your 3-Part Interactive Faith Experience?


Watch the film individually or with a group. Connect with friends and share.


Reflect prayerfully–individually or in online or in-person discussion groups.


Act openheartedly and courageously in your church, school, and community.

Discussion Guide

A printable Discussion Guide provides questions to help you reflect on Virginia’s story.

The Discussion Guide helps volunteers organize a successful in-person or online discussion or a multi-session discussion series. Anyone over eighteen is encouraged to organize a group and serve as its leader.

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